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Media Training Courses
Our coaches have worked for The Financial Times, the Economist Group, the BBC, Channel 4, Sky News and ITN. We have trained some of the biggest names in technology, business, showbiz and politics on how to get to the point and interact with the media like a pro.


We help everyone – from people first finding their feet in interviews, public speaking and presentations – to interview veterans who need to take it up a level. We’ve worked on more PR crisis scenarios than we’d care to remember and we receive a lot of last-minute requests.

Whether you’re a five-star celebrity or a local business owner, we provide high quality training courses which can be tailored to solve your specific media training needs – nothing too big or too small. If your brand is struggling to communicate, you have nervous spokespeople or egos who need a reality check, Erbut has more than 15 years’ experience in helping people to get on message.


Erbut (er and but) are the two words people use often in interviews when they don’t know what to say.

At Erbut Media Training, we prepare you to be in control of the impression you make – by the way you present your message, answer questions, and interact with the media or journalists.

We tailor our coaching to meet your needs and teach you how to professionally interact with the media, from public speaking to celebrity TV interviews.

Our media interview training teaches:

  • confidence and control
  • how to tell a story
  • how to stay on message
  • how to prepare your narrative
  • what to avoid
  • how to manage tricky scenarios and questioning




“With a few hours of media training, people can grow confidence and own their interviews. They aren’t phased by cameras, audiences or tough questions but instead deliver their message calmly.”

Dan Ilett

Founder, Erbut Media Training

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