Deliver Corporate Presentations like Steve Jobs: 3 Incredible Lessons

Steve jobs

Steve Jobs: Unforgettable Public Speaker

Widely regarded as one of the greatest entrepreneur storytellers of our era, Steve Jobs has delivered hundreds of inspirational presentations throughout his world-changing career at Apple. 

Many books, articles and millions of YouTube views have attempted to decipher his public speaking success in many different ways. 

But what makes his speeches so special and compelling? 

And how can you integrate these tips to instigate success into your own entrepreneurial endeavours?


The 3 Lessons to Learn:

1. Practice, practice, practice

Jobs was notorious for his excessive planning and practice. It is thought that for each new major introduction of an Apple product, he would practice around 200 times! 

This constant visualisation of his presentation hours a day over a period of weeks lead to him to not requiring any notes and effortlessly being able to adapt to any change in circumstances at the time. 

Having a meticulous mind-set by knowing the function behind every aspect of a presentation can certainly help with your anxiousness. Many public speakers go as far to say that if you are nervous, it means you haven’t prepared enough. 


2. Be a storyteller

Jobs was profound at portraying Apple as the superhero throughout many of his speeches, whilst IBM and other non-smart phone providers were introduced as the villains of our society. 

This narrative was particularly intriguing when integrated with the rule of three. It is believed by many experts that answering a problem with three key features or benefits is a lot more engaging to an audience than just one or two. It also mitigates the risk of your audience being overwhelmed with information and breaks down the founding insight of your product/service.


3. Enjoy it!

I know this one can seem a bit counter-intuitive. After all, the purpose of your presentation is to deliver important content that could be the difference between someone investing or buying your product/service. 

However, if you seem relaxed and even a bit humorous, it will bring confidence to your audience that you know what you’re talking about. Audiences will always resonate with enthusiasm. Your business venture is your passion at the end of the day; show us why you fell in love with it. 

Oh, and try not to worry about the odd mistake. They happen to all of us, even Jobs. Your audience are human beings as well and they recognise a big presentation takes a lot of time and collaboration. It’s how you respond to the mistakes that count.


And there you have it, our pick of 3 lessons to learn from the late-great Steve Jobs!

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