Build confidence and get public speaking right the first time by downloading one of our best-practice guides on presentations, using a microphone, body language and interviewing on camera.

Body Language Tips & Exercises

Have you ever considered that the way you stand, fold your arms or look around the room could affect the impact your words have? 

Written by ex-journalists, read our guide on how to physically present yourself the right way, what not to do when public speaking – and discover the best exercises to help yourself practice. 

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Erbut (er and but) are the two words people use when they don’t know what to say.

Erbut began life as a media training company back in 2005 and has since helped some of the best-known executives, celebrities and politicians to tell their stories.

Today, Erbut works with global brands and organisations around the world to help people communicate better. Our courses help our clients build unshakeable confidence, develop clever interview techniques and teach them how to tell the story that the media want to hear. 

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