Build confidence and get public speaking right the first time by downloading one of our best-practice guides on presentations, using a microphone, body language and interviewing on camera.

Body Language

Have you ever considered that the way you stand, fold your arms or look around the room could affect the impact your words have? 

Written by ex-journalists, read our guide on how to physically present yourself the right way, what not to do when public speaking – and discover the best exercises to help yourself practice by filling in the form below:

Interviewing on Camera

When you're not used to being on-camera or in the public eye, interviewing with a journalist or speaking at a press conference can seem like a daunting and anxiety-inducing challenge.

Our tip sheet is a great starting point for building confidence on-camera with exercises to help you overcome and conquer your nerves. Download now by filling out the form below.

PR Agencies

In a very dynamic, fast paced environment, public relations communications grasp a huge influence over a company’s stakeholders such as customers, investors, competitors and employees. Saying the right thing all the time is pressure, right? But it comes with the territory of being successful. Having a positive outlook and seeing these critical moments as opportunities as oppose to threats is fundamental to staying on top of your game.

Journalists are always on the hunt for the latest news or hottest stories. Trust us, we know. We provide the insider secrets of understanding the role of the journalist and their priorities. Our coaching is tailored to your unique scenarios. So whether you’re preparing for that all-important pitch to a news desk or looking to transition into a leading spokesperson in your field, we have the specialist expertise to help you make your mark.


To many celebrities and public figures, the media industry is a minefield. Understandably so. Constantly in fear of being misinterpreted or using a contentious comment can lead to panic and despair. And that is not desirable, not when there are sponsorships, endorsements and ultimately your career on the line.

This is where we, Erbut, make our name. It is our mission to expose your charisma and composed conversation-style through our bespoke and expert training programmes. Our tailored coaching gives you the insider secrets fundamental to excellent media etiquette and a memorable personality. Erbut facilitate a thorough, interesting and productive approach through mock-interviews and practice presentations, elevating your confidence levels to think on the spot and unleash your true potential.


From engaging with mass audiences at a national tech conference, or pitching the new industry-disruptive product concept to the in-house team, prominent technology professionals are always in the eye of the public. Coherently articulating your speech to find the balance of appropriate jargon with interactive messaging is a valuable commodity in representing who you really are.

Erbut provide a comprehensive, hands-on training programme tailored to your specific business goals. Our core team pride themselves on building your confidence to build a genuine rapport with any journalist, any time. Erbut facilitate a thorough, interesting and productive approach through mock-interviews and practice presentations to help you diversify your skillset and express your anecdotes in a succinct, conversational style.

In-House Communications

What your stakeholders, audience and the general public think of your brand is pivotal to its survival – which can be difficult to control as part of an organisation’s in-house communications team. If there are members of staff in your team in need of a refresher on media interview etiquette, or a loose cannon with zero experience in speaking to top-level journalists, Erbut have a bespoke solution for you.

We provide a powerful mix of theory and practical exercises, insider secrets and realistic scenarios unique to your company’s brand image indicators. Our philosophy is to build your confidence, which gives you the opportunity to deliver crisp and succinct messaging. With our expertise, you can help your team appropriately prepare for media interviews, analyse your communications effectively and keep driving your company forward.
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Not being prepared for gruelling media interviews or short notice public speaking is a dangerous place for any individual or organisation. If you’re not pro-active, you could find yourself hesitant in answering critical interrogations or stut-ter-ing when delivering that key message that really showcases what you represent. But how do you prepare for the unlikeliest of scenarios? And how do you have control over the tough line of questioning from an interviewer during a crisis?

That’s where Erbut come in. Our methods are not to just advise. Erbut provides you with the platform to bolster your confidence, sharpen your messaging and to build a genuine, sincere rapport with your interviewer. No matter what your pain point, we tailor our courses to meet your needs. We have a comprehensive, hands-on approach to immerse yourself in your industry’s unique circumstances and devise realistic practices. Because after all, practice does not make perfect – practice makes permanent.
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“With a few hours of media training, people can grow confidence and own their interviews. They aren’t fazed by cameras, audiences or tough questions but instead deliver their message calmly.”

Dan Ilett

Founder, Erbut Media Training

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