How Team Sports Athletes Can Be More Captivating Speakers

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We understand that speaking to the press may be the last thing on an athlete’s mind before/after the big game –
but there’s no better opportunity to express your image.

Most team sports offer the athletes an opportunity to speak to the press, while this could be viewed as an inconvenience, the benefits can be huge. Leading to a stronger personal brand and increasing your commercial value as a player. Whether you’re the PR agent for a rising star, or a promising young sportsperson; here are a few tips to help you.

Using filler words is a common feature in sports media, especially post-match. We get it, you’ve been doing intense exercise for hours and then someone has shoved a microphone in your face. Try your best to take a deep breath and give yourself a moment to plan an answer in your head before you speak. Speaking with more calculated pauses not only makes what you say more memorable but helps you appear more confident. Displaying strength after a tough defeat and charisma in victory.

Controlling emotion is also very important, hard questions can be thrown at you about your personal life or difficulties in your career. We can help you in further detail about what to do with hostile journalists through training: the key thing is not to dodge the question but dismiss it in a respectable way.

As a team-sports athlete, you represent your team. Show love for the club, try your best to speak like a fan in a genuine way. Remember you can only do this positively, talking negatively about your team can lead to real brand damage.

Using humour to create a good relationship with the public is also beneficial, make a joke about how you took yourself out of your fantasy league team after a win for example. If you can express your personality to the press, you’ll gain more neutral fans. If you struggle with being comedic, use storytelling. Give the fans a peak behind the curtain or tell them how you felt in a pivotal moment in the match: you’re an expert and people want to hear how athletes think/live.

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And there you have it, some of our advice on how athletes can speak to more captivatingly to the media!

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