How to Dress Appropriately for Media Interviews: 3 Top Tips You Need to Know

media interviews

You may think that when it comes to speaking to the press, all you need to focus on is what you’re saying but that’s not the only important aspect.   

To make great first impressions, you need to consider what to wear.  

Clothes have the power to influence the opinion your audience may have on you, as well as the confidence you emanate. Having an impressionable attire can also increase and maintain the level of focus people have on what you’re saying.  

Although a person or a group’s judgement on your appearance shouldn’t matter, media interviews offer a chance for you to present yourself professionally and brand yourself in the eyes of the viewers.  

For this reason, it’s important to have a set of guidelines to follow when the time comes to pick your outfit: 


1. Wear something you’re comfortable in 

Comfortability garners confidence and confidence is the key to public speaking. Avoid wearing something you would never usually wear – just for the sake of an interview,; it is always better to be your natural self. 

Be sure to wear something that coincides with what you want to convey, if you want to come across as professional, dress professionally! 


2. Avoid patterns 

Wearing patterns on camera such as stripes can lead to an optical effect called a moiré pattern (or the moiré effect). This is caused by the pattern on your clothes not syncing up with the pattern of the imaging sensor, the two separate patterns form a false third pattern – and this is the moiré pattern 

When a moiré pattern is formed on camera, wavy looking lines can be seen (you’ve probably seen them before). When a moiré pattern forms on somebody’s clothing, it can easily distract a viewer from what the speaker is saying. 


3. ‘Loud’ colours may be distracting 

Neutral tones like black, white, or beige will keep the focus on you.

Your clothing shouldn’t be too vibrant or take anything away from what you’re speaking about – it should complement you without distracting the viewer. 


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Blog written by Acacia Henry