Basic Training

Not being prepared for gruelling media interviews or short notice public speaking is a dangerous place for any individual or organisation.

If you’re not pro-active, you could find yourself hesitant in answering critical interrogations or stut-ter-ing when delivering that key message that really showcases what you represent. But how do you prepare for the unlikeliest of scenarios? And how do you have control over the tough line of questioning from an interviewer during a crisis?

Erbut provides you with the platform to bolster your confidence, sharpen your messaging and to build a genuine, sincere rapport with your interviewer. We have a comprehensive, hands-on approach to immerse yourself in your industry’s unique circumstances and devise realistic practices. Because after all, practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent.

1. Who Are We?

We are Erbut.

We have been the media, and we know what they are looking for. Erbut has trained more than 1000 companies and 200 CEOs around the world in how to speak to top-level and trade media.

2. What’s Our Expertise?

Our media coaches are all ex-journalists who have worked for the Financial Times, the Economist Group, the BBC, Sky News and ITN. We train listed, Fortune and FTSE companies such as Google, LinkedIn, BT and Sage.

3. What Can We Do For You?

Take control of your media communication skills today; simply fill out this form to get into contact with us. Make the first vital step in enhancing your growth both professionally and personally, and be on the way to achieving your dream career ambitions.