Powerful Public Speaking: Connecting with the Crowd

connect with crowd

Wanting to appear likeable, confident, and skilled in-front of an audience is a given – but how on earth does someone do it?

77% of people have glossophobia; the fear of public speaking. The truth is that anyone can be a captivating speaker through preparation including effective training.
Here are some free tips to keep in mind:

The “Ten-Second Rule”

Now this isn’t what unhygienic people say after dropping food, this is the idea that you only have the first 10 seconds of a speech to engage the audience in a way which will keep them interested. Starting with a strong voice with an appropriate tone is unstoppable.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Speaking in-front of the mirror is one of the most useful things you can do. Practicing word for word can be a nightmare but is worth the effort if required. This helps you visualise your facial expressions to prevent you going into robot mode.

Improvisation – The Spice of Life

If you aren’t expected to be speaking in practice-till-perfect monologues. There’s a terrific opportunity to connect to your crowd by using off-the-cuff wording.

To practice this; create a bullet point list of what you need to get across and set a timer on your phone for 2-5 minutes on your phone. Then keep improvising in the mirror through your points, find what elaboration is worth keeping while working out the filler words.

Paralipsis – “I’m not saying, I’m just saying”

A key difficulty we understand is how to bring up a controversial issue without appearing too negative or combative. This is where paralipsis is useful, saying you’re not going to discuss something but then letting slip a little bit of information not only throws your point, but can create a sense of intimacy with the audience as it’s just “our secret”.

Looking Up at the Lights

No, not like a boxer who’s just taken a picture-perfect uppercut. This is the top-tip to look slightly above the eye-line of a seated audience or trying your best not to focus on individual members of the press.

While eye-contact can be a powerful tool when used by confident speakers, being nervous means its best to keep your focus on what you’re saying and your own expressions, not the expressions of those listening.

And there you have it, our pick of 5 tips to connect to the crowd when public speaking!

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